The CXX Squadron Association exists to further the ethos of the most successful ASW squadron in history by connecting former Squadron Members and organizing reunion events. We hope that you will enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie that the organization offers.

CXX Squadron has a rich and proud history that the Association will serve to honour in all that it does and the manner in which it does so. The Squadron has always prided itself on inclusivity and the Association is no different; we welcome anyone who has served in, supported, or worked alongside the Squadron to join our membership.

3 levels of membership are available:

  • Full Membership is open to military and former military personnel of all ranks, and from all nations, who have ever been assigned to CXX Squadron. Full members are eligible to vote at the AGM and hold positions on the committee. A one-off administrative fee of £20 will be charged for full membership.
  • Associate Membership is available for suitable persons who may have not served on the strength of CXX Squadron, but have had close links with the Squadron or the Association in the past or who may have been of especial help to the Squadron and its members in various ways. Associate Members must be proposed by Full Members and approved by the Committee, and cannot vote at AGMs or hold committee positions. The same one-off administrative fee of £20 applies to Associate Members.
  • Honorary Membership is offered to a small number of select persons by the Committee at no cost and reviewed annually.

If you think you are eligible to be a member, you can apply to join.