Welcome to the website of the CXX Squadron Association – an inclusive home for everyone who has helped history’s most successful ASW squadron.

On behalf of the Committee and fellow members I am delighted to welcome you to the CXX Squadron Association and hope that you will enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie that the organization offers.

CXX Squadron has a rich and proud history that the Association will serve to honour in all that it does and the manner in which it does so. The Squadron has always prided itself on inclusivity and the Association is no different; we welcome anyone who has served in, supported, or worked alongside the Squadron to join our membership.

News and notification of forthcoming events will primarily be disseminated through electronic mediums such as Facebook, email and this CXX Association Web Site; however, the Committee and I are very aware that this might not suit all of our members. If this is the case for yourself then please contact either the Chairman or the Secretary and arrangements will be made for more 'traditional' communications.

The Association is always looking for fresh ideas and willing volunteers, so if you would like to make a suggestion or offer support in any capacity then please contact any of the Committee. In the meantime, my thanks for taking the effort to join and I look forward to seeing you at one of our forthcoming events.

Martin Cannard

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